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Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey, the watchmaker brand, have announced yet another complex piece that is distinctive for the brand. The Art Piece 2 is named and replicates many of the characteristics of its predecessors in the Art Piece series. The most notable features are the double tourbillon (30 degrees escapement) and a micro-engraved inside the watch's case that can only been seen through the magnifying glasses.Patek Philippe fake watches These features are the main focus of the watch, with the hidden timekeeping feature being available only on request. Only a handful of copies will be made each year of the high-end timekeeper in white gold and will go on sale at an astronomical price.

This model is heavily inspired by its predecessors in the Art Piece series. It also celebrates the brand's heritage. It has the same basic features of Art Piece 1, which was released three year ago. The first is the presence of a double tourbillion (30 degrees) that takes center stage at the upper left section of the dial. It is suspended by a pair bridges with mirror-polished finishes.

A Double Tourbillon 30 Degrees and its Micro-Sculpture RepresentationAdditionally, there is yet another nano-engraving which the brand makes in the collaboration with the British artisan Willard Wigan. The case contains his amazing work of art in minute dimensions. It can be viewed through the device on the left side.Franck Muller Replica One can see another Wigan sculpture through a series magnifying lenses that magnify the engraving up to 23 times.

The new piece is different from the other models in the series. It features a representation 30 degrees of a double tourbillion. This escapement is a significant milestone in the history of the brand, as it was its first major invention. It was first made public in 2001. It was later featured in several collections of models by the brand.

As the name implies, the feature is composed of two tourbillion bridges. One of the bridges, the outer, finishes every four minutes while the inner one,Patek Philippe watches replica which is inclined at an angle of 30 degrees, completes the same in 60 seconds. The arrangement can deal with gravity's harmful effects better by using two different periods of rotation of the tourbillions and the combination of the inclination.