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ThThe Mobile Volleyball Post is made from special aluminium profiles. It can be used in in-and outdoor. The game post is 255 cm high and made from an aluminium profile with a cross section of 120 x 100 mm. The weight is approx. 120 Kg/post. The mechanism for the height adjustment is placed outside the post, but it is fully concealed. The base is equipped with large transport wheels on the heavy base for easy transportation. The post is delivered in aluminium finishing. It is available in two version: fully welded and dismantle.

50210 Fully welded. (This post is suitable all net games (volleyball, badminton, tennis).
50212 Dismantle. (This post is suitable for volleyball only.)
50220 The additional weight for the mobile volleyball post is made from aluminium. It weighs approx. 60 kg per piece. One set consists of two pieces. It is delivered in aluminium finishing.