Soft Play Activity Kit Box

Our AFN Sports  Soft Play  Equipment Activity Kit Box elements are made  for psychomotor activities to be used in a circuit organised in a sensorial “pool” designed for KIT sets ofgames. The Soft PlayEquipment  Activity Kit Box playing system with building blocks has an appeal of their own and offer unlimited playing possibilities, by combining and adding individual elements. The cover is made of hard-wearing, antibacterial gym mat fabric with zipper, that can be easily cleaned with soapy water. Zips are protected by flaps of the same material. Hygiene; easy to clean fabric and easy to replace interior.

Alternative Option. 250010/FR: Fire retardant Soft Play Activity Kit. The interior and exterior material is flame-retardant.

Soft Play Activity Kit Box included

250020  U Shape Links 60 x 60 x 30 cm (2x)

250030  Rectangle 60 x 30 x 30 cm (1x)

250040  Big Circle. D = 120 cm. H = 30 m (1x)

250050  Small Circle D = 60 cm. H = 30 cm(1x)

250060  Cylinder Small 30 x 30 cm(1x)

250070  Triangle 35 x 35 x 30 cm(4x)

250080  Cylinder 120 x 30 cm (1x)

250090  Rectangle 120 x 30 x 10 cm (1x)

250100  Prism 120 x 30 x 20 cm (1x)

250110  Soft mat 140 x  220 cm (with foldable side flaps) (1x)

250120  Soft mat 140 x  220 cm (cover) (1x)

Subject to technical alterations


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