Soft Play Activity System 3

Our AFN Sports  Soft Play Equipment Activity System 3 elements are made  for psychomotor activities to be usedin a circuit organised in a sensorial “pool” designed for KIT sets ofgames. The Soft Play Activity System 2 playing system with building blocks has an appeal of their own and offer unlimited playing possibilities, by combining and adding individual elements. The cover is made of hard-wearing, antibacterial gym mat fabric with zipper, that can be easily cleaned with soapy water. Zips are protected by flaps of the same material.

Hygiene; easy to clean fabric and easy to replace interior

250310/FR: Fire retardant Soft Play Activity Kit. The interior and exterior material is flame-retardant.


Soft Play Activity System 3 included

250320  Ramps 60 x 120 x 60 cm

250330  U Shape Links 60 x 60 x 30 cm (2x)

250340  Gym Mat 160 x 60 x 6 cm (2x)

250350  Half Circle D = 120 H = 30 cm

250360  Hexagonal 60 x 60 x 30 cm (2x)

250370  Cylinder 120 x 30 cm (1x)


Subject to technical alterations