Basketball Wall Mounted with Acrylic Backboard (Foldable)

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Basketball Wall Mounted. The structure is made from special aluminium profile. It is FOLDABLE to one side. The system is included acrylic backboard 180 x 105 cm, non-foldable ring and nylon net. (There are 3 types of backboards available, acrylic, aluminium & tempered glass backboards).  For indoor and outdoor use.

These wall-mounted practice backboards are supplied WITHOUT mounting hardware!

100411: Projection 0.90 m
100431: Projection 1.65
100421: Projection 2.25 m 
100411: Projection 3.25 m 
100461: Projection on request   

Additional options

100465: High adjustable system. Adjustable height from 2.50 -3 .05 m.

100110: Backboard Padding. Designed for 180 cm backboards

Subject to technical alterations

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