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Our AFN Sports basketball hoop "Playmaker" is made from special aluminium profiles. It's designed for outdoor settings like residential neighbourhoods, parks, and playgrounds. The basketball "Playmaker" is black coated. The acrylic backboard is made from see-through 15 mm thick acrylic and the alternative is made from tempered glass or aluminium. The backboard's dimensions are 1.52 x 0.91 metres. The backboard is easily adjustable from 2.50 to 3.05 m. The mechanism for the height adjustment is placed outside of the post. It is also equipped with a non-foldable basketball ring and heavy-duty anti whip net. The ring measures an inside diameter of 45 cm. The ring is galvanized, and orange powder coated.The post comes in two installation versions. In ground sockets and as an alternative with a base plate and ground anchors.

102650/GLB: Glass backboard (152x91cm). With Base Plate

102654/GLG: Glass backboard (152x91cm). In Ground Sockets

102650/ALB: Aluminium Backboard (152x91cm). With Base Plate

102654/ALG: Aluminium Backboard (152x91cm). In Ground Sockets

102650/ACB: Acrylic Backboard (152x91cm). With Base Plate

102654/ACB: Acrylic Backboard (152x91cm). In Ground Sockets

102651: Padding for Basketball 'Playmaker' Post

102652: Padding for Basketball 'Playmaker' Base Plate

102653: Ground Socket

102658: Ground Anchor

Subject to technical alterations