Aluminum Curbing, Inner Rail

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The aluminium curbing is made from special made anodized aluminium profiles. It is a mobile marker and separator of the running track. The set measures a total length of 400 m. The curbing is 60 mm wide and 50 mm high.

A standard set consist of

34  pcs        straight ( 5 m)

46  pcs        curved radius 36.5 m ( 5 m)

90  pcs        base cover 120 mm

90  pcs        top cover 120 mm

250 pcs       base cover with hole 60 mm

500 pcs       base cover without hole 60 mm

250 pcs       stainless steel pin 6 mm

250 pcs       socket for stainless steel pin made from aluminium


On request this is available in shorter cutting lengths or in different radii according to your needs.


Subject to technical alterations

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