Retractable Seating

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2. Deck Frame : Steel deck frame is base on platform that will cover loading of
spectators. It is composed of front girder ( 60 x 40x 2.3mmT), rear girder
(125 x 75 x 3.2mmT) and intermediate steel connector (60 x 40 2.3mmT),
which is strong enough to maximum load of spectators on the platform and space
of every intermediate steel connector less than 500mm distance for safety &
stable and is welded properly to front & rear girder. Front channel steel sheet
(200 x 80 7.5mmT), of first row is for connecting the operation device I.e.
Electrical operation units. Deck Frame can be connected parallel direction
another one and fixed the Handrails one side. The size of deck frame is 5250mm
width and 1800mm (2row) depth follow to type of scales required.
3. Platform : The deck frame welded firmly shall be covered with 18mm thickness
plywood for sound absorption. The platform shall be also finished by carpet with
wooden colour or other various colour with section. Manufactures standard size of
platform is same as deck frame.
4. Finish Of Under structure : Main steel parts of under structure, i.e. Deck Frame, Support
Column & Braces etc. shall be painted with alkyd primer (1st Coat) and finish urethane
paint (2nd coat) for rust and dust free under the cruel environment, such as seaside,
swimming pool, etc..
5. Manual Pulling Unit : Manual pulling unit included for one (1) or two (2) person and
two (2) wheels (PVC/rubber Ø 3" x 1¼"T) and shall be connected into the hole on
front face or first row. Its dimension will be available to change follow to length of
row and height of bloks.