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ReacTime was the world’s first Championship False Start Detection System that could also be used as a modular Reaction Training System. Unlike some simpler systems, ReacTime has no “contact pads”, and it cannot be tricked. The system is easy to use and rugged. The battery or AC powered blocks are weatherproof and are designed to withstand the tough demands of a track environment. When used as a stand-alone personal training system to help sprinters improve their starting technique, an individual ReacTime module can be used to record and display an athlete’s gun-to-motion times to an accuracy of 1/1000th of a second. The Competition ReacTime system detects false starts (as defined by IAAF rule 162.10 and USATF rule 60.18) - also to an accuracy of 1/1000th of a second-and instantly signals this information to the starter.


• Measures reaction times to 1/1000th of a second

• Detection mechanism clips to virtually every manufacturer’s starting blocks.

• Control Center for the starter is lightweight and portable

• Battery operated and rechargeable, or AC powered

• All athletes hear the starter’s commands or the sound of the gun simultaneously

• Includes all required cables as well as headsets for the starter and recall starter

• 100% integration with the FinishLynx timing system, including the ability to store the reaction time of the athletes in the Finishlynx results area and print with results • Optional wireless adapters eliminate the need to lay out cables to each of the starting blocks

• ReacTime Software for Windows allows the power waveforms for all the athletes in a race to be graphed, compared, saved, and printed – trackside.

 • Paper tape printer automatically prints reaction times of the athletes trackside after each race


• 8 Block Sensor Units Equipped with Internal Rechargeable Batteries

• 8 Block Sensor Clamps For Mounting To Most Models Of IAAF Approved Starting Blocks

• Speaker Modules On Each Block For Starter’s Commands

• False Start Command Center For Operation and Configuration of False Start Detection System

• Starter Headset And Microphone

• Start Detection Sensor and 30m Cable

• Trackside Line Printer For Reaction Times

• Reactime False Start System Software License

• Reactime False Start System Power Supply & Charger

• Transport Cases

• Note: Optional Wireless Configuration Available For Operation of Block Sensors And Command Center

From AFN SPORTS available In SEA Region only.